The fourth edition of Jornada Tourinho will feature several invited lectures, covering different areas of Nanoscience. Specialists in the science of nanomaterials, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, among others are expected at the event. The 4JFBFT format will include 40-minute invited lectures, given by scientists of proven international renown.

Jean-Jacques Bonvent - UFABC (São Paulo - Brazil)

Nanostructured systems for scaffold and controlled drug release

Emmanuelle Dubois - Sorbonne Universités (Paris - France)

Colloidal dispersions in ionic liquids: questions,design and properties. The case of magnetic nanoparticles

Óscar Iglesias - University of Barcelona (Barcelona - Spain)

Aggregates and Dipolar Interactions in Nanoparticle Assemblies for Magnetic Hyperthermia

Alberto López-Ortega - Public University of Navarra (Pamplona - Spain)

Plasmon Induced Magneto-Optical Enhancement in hybrid nanostructures: bright and dark plasmons

Fabrizio Messina - UNIPA (Palermo - Italy)

Carbon nanodots: a new generation of artificial light harvesters and photosensitizers for photo-nanotechnology

Montserrat Rivas - University of Oviedo (Oviedo - Spain)

Rapid diagnostic tests for medicine and food: The role of magnetic nanomaterials

Valeria Rodionova - Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad - Russia)

Boosting magnetoelectric effect in polymer-based nanocomposites

Olivier Sandre - Université de Bordeaux (Bordeaux - France)

Bio-functionalized “magnetic nanoflowers” to study magnetic intra-lysosomal hyperthermia (MILH) on pancreatic endocrine cancer cells

Marianna Vasilakaki - Nat. Center for Scientific Research Demokritos (Athens - Greece)

Magnetic Nanoparticle Systems as high-performance thermoelectric materials: A Numerical study

François Vernay - Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (Perpignan - France)

Beyond the Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of Single Particles: Collective Effects in Nanomagnetic Particle Assemblies. 

Implication on physical observables and applications